Since starting in 2014, Minetrends has continuously been the leader in Minecraft server analytics solutions.

Founded in April 2014, Minetrends is an all-in-one solution to analyzing your Minecraft server.

As server owners ourselves, we know that understanding your servers inside and out is important to create an amazing Minecraft experience. With statistics on players, server performance and more, Minetrends helps you easily access everything you need to know as a server owner.

Our wide variety of features include daily and hourly player count graphs, player behavior statistics, subaccounts, you name it. Our mission since 2014 is to give you the tools you need to take your server to the next level.

We continue to bring new features and insights for our 12,000+ server owners worldwide.

With over 6 years and counting, Minetrends continues to be the leader in Minecraft server analytics solutions.

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