Analytics for Your Minecraft Server

Easily analyze your Minecraft server.

Player Count Graphs

View your daily and hourly player counts so you know exactly how popular your servers were on any given day.

New vs Returning Players

Ever wondered how many of your players are coming back? View your New vs. Returning Players easily on your dashboard.

Player Behavior Statistics

Get an inside-look on how your players are interacting with your servers by viewing their Bounce Rate, Average Last Session and more.

Server Health

Minetrends also displays server health stats! Easily view diskspace, memory usage, and server TPS, all on your dashboard.

Location Statistics

Find out where in the world your players are playing from with charts and world maps!


Got staff members that need access to your dashboard? With subaccounts, other users can view your server’s analytics without giving them complete access or sharing login credentials.


All data collected from your servers is encrypted before being sent to us. Only Minetrends and you have the key to decrypt the data sent.

Integration Options

Showcase your server statistics and graphs from your dashboard to your websites or forums with our integration options.

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