Analytics for Your Minecraft Server

Easily analyze your Minecraft server.

Always Accessible

Where ever you are, you'll always be able to view your server analytics on Minetrends.

Quick and Easy

Minetrends is very easy to use, and takes under three minutes to setup!

Safe and Secure

Minetrends is secure. All data sent from your server to ours is encrypted.

The new Minetrends layout and features are incredible! Check them out.


This is an awesome tool to track your servers performance, Thank you!! Easy set up too!!


Just bought the Minetrends Lite Plan for a test run. Looks like a great buy so far!


The dashboard is very easy to navigate and shows alot of useful features, even on the free plan!


Vouch! Just wanna say this is really useful. Now I can keep track of the amount of players online when I'm away or asleep. Never saw anything like this before, really good idea!


I'm now able to see where players are coming from thanks to Minetrends <3


I'm super excited to finally be able to track more data about my server and use it to make informed decisions about where to go. I couldn't be more happy that a plugin like this exists.


Excellent analytics plugin. So good, I bought the highest plan within a minute of visiting the site. Well done!


Minetrends is pretty awesome. Really useful player stats and super easy to use. Worth checking out!


Just started using Minetrends. Only one word: AWESOME!!!! Where has this been all my life?


Always Available. Realtime, 24/7

As a Minecraft server administrator you want to know what's happening on your servers, no matter where you are.

Minetrends provides you with detailed insights into your Minecraft servers and players. We track your servers 24/7 and display useful statistics and graphs on your dashboard in realtime.

Powerful Statistics

View advanced statistics in your dashboard. Graphs on daily player counts, players' countries, new vs recurring players, and server health stats are just a click away.

Accessible Anywhere

Whether you're at your desktop, laptop, or on the go, Minetrends works seamlessly across all your devices.
All you need is an internet connection and browser to view your Minecraft server statistics.

Try it Yourself!

Register on our free plan or use the Minetrends demo account and have a look around the dashboard yourself!

Just head over to the login page and enter:
Username: demo, Password: demo

The all in one solution to analyzing your Minecraft server.

Minetrends is the easiest way to instantly start analyzing your Minecraft server. Get started for free now!

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