Minetrends Features

Learn why Minetrends is the best solution for Minecraft server analytics.

Powerful Analytics

Minetrends provides you with detailed insights into your Minecraft servers and players with player count graphs, server health statistics and more. We track your servers 24/7 and display everything on your dashboard in realtime.


All data collected from your servers is encrypted before being sent to us. Only Minetrends and you have the key to decrypt the data sent.

Accessible Everywhere

Whether you're at your desktop, laptop, or on the go, Minetrends works seamlessly across all your devices. All you need is an internet connection to know what's happening on your servers.

Latest Features

Minetrends is always being updated with improvments and new features! Here are some recent improvments we have made:

Subaccounts Learn more

Subaccounts on Minetrends enables you to allow other users to have view only access your server's analytics. You can now let others, such as staff members, view your server’s analytics without giving them complete access or sharing login credentials.

BungeeCord Plugin Beta Learn more

Have a large server network using BungeeCord? Now with the Minetrends BungeeCord plugin you can easily monitor all servers on your network with just one plugin! Now you can easily view analytics on your entire network with ease.

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Player Count Graphs

View your daily and hourly player counts so you know exactly how popular your servers were on any given day.

Players Location

Find out where in the world your players are playing from with charts and world maps!

Server Health

Minetrends also displays server health stats! Easily view diskspace, memory usage, and server TPS, all on your dashboard.

Integration Options

Embed our graphs and statistics on your own website or forums with our integration options!


Let others view your server’s analytics without giving them complete access or sharing your login credentials. Learn more

BungeeCord Plugin

With our new dedicated BungeeCord plugin, you can now monitor your entire network with just one plugin! Learn more