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Graph Loading Speed Improvements

Since we have launched our feedback survey back in September we’ve received a lot of great input from our users. We’re really happy to hear from you and are now working on implementing the suggestions you have given us.

Today we’re starting off with graph loading time improvements. We’ve improved caching throughout our systems and have further optimised our codebase to display the main player graph faster than ever. In our internal benchmarks, we have seen significant improvements on consecutive graph loading speeds. In some cases the graph will display over 100x faster than before.

We’re really excited to be pushing this update out to all our users today. We hope you enjoy viewing your player graphs at new lighting speeds on Minetrends and stay tuned for future updates from us!

Complete our Survey and Win 2 Months of Minetrends Pro

We’re always looking for ways to improve the services we offer and that starts with feedback from our users. To better understand our users we have created a feedback survey. Completing it gives you a chance to win 2 months of the Pro Plan!

If you’re interested in helping us improve Minetrends and would like a chance to win 2 months of the Pro Plan, take the survey here! 

Improved Graph Viewing Options

We have improved the viewing options on the right side of the graph to make it easier to view statistics from different time periods! Below you can see the “Hour” dropdown being expanded with more options displayed.

New Behaviour Statistics

We’ve received many suggestions and feedback from our users recently saying they would like different types of statistics on their dashboards. Today we’ve added a new tab in the dashboard, Behaviour Statistics! You can now not only view stats on how many players you have on your servers, but their interactions with your server.

Today we have two new useful statistics on the new behaviour statistics page to give you a better understand of your players activity on your Minecraft servers.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of players who log in once to your server and never return. This is really useful to see how well your server keeps players coming back online again. A low percentage shows the majority of your players return again after their first login and a high percentage shows the majority of your players leave and don’t return after their first login.

Average Last Session

The Average Last Session statistic is a good representation of how long your players stay online in a typical login session. A short amount of time shows that your players login then log out quickly, and don’t normally stick around for long. A high amount of time shows that your server retains players for a long time.

We hope you enjoy using these newly available stats to help better understand your player base and make informed decisions on managing your server! Let us know what other statistics you’d like to see in your Minetrends dashboard by leaving a comment below!

Introducing Subaccounts

We’re excited to announce starting today subaccounts can be created to allow other users to view your servers’ analytics! You can now let others, such as staff members, view your server’s analytics without giving them complete access or sharing login credentials.

To create a subaccount visit the subaccounts page and fill out the questions. Once submitted, an email invite will be sent to the recipient. The recipient can then either register a new Minetrends account or login to accept the invite. After the invite has been accepted the user now has limited access to the server!

We are really happy with this release and looking forward to your feedback!

Minor Page Improvments

We have improved the UI and functionality of the add servers and account settings page. Below are some pictures of the improvements.